The Vibe Tribe are a progressive Jazz based in the Mayo / Connaught  area.
The band enjoy a diversity of musical tastes which is reflected in their
repertoire – from hot swing tunes such as ‘Fly me to the moon’ to the
luscious latin of ‘Blue Bossa’ and upbeat funk ala ‘Watermelon man’.

This wide-ranging repertoire makes it an ideal choice for many different
settings such as wedding receptions, parties, corporate functions, pub gigs

Several of the members have studied jazz formally in Newpark College and
all have cut their teeth in the pop and rock music genres.

The Vibe Tribe are currently playing in selected venues throughout Mayo.

Live Jazz Music

Jazz represents all that is dynamic and exciting in modern music.
As an improvisational form it embraces world influences from every genre .
The beauty of jazz lies with its responsiveness and adaptability.
From the insistent syncopation of jazz funk to the tenderness of a ballad, jazz is always there dynamic and vibrant to reward the listener and inspire the player.
From smouldering grooves to breezy melody, good jazz promises excitement diversity and musicality……

Jazz up your next event with live jazz music.

Ideal for:

  • Wedding reception
  • Rehearsal dinners
  • Private/corporate functions
  • Holiday parties
  • Wine tastings
  • Restaurants/public venues
  • Banquets

086 7365086 (Mobile)
Ballina, Co. Mayo

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